Monday, December 29, 2014


When talking about happiness, we tend to make, what I consider, a big mistake. 

Usually, people, when you ask them about what could bring them happiness, they all ask for a lot. We like to consider that, to reach happiness, we need a lot of things, we need to get to a very high level. We consider that happiness is only in big things and big events. 

On the other hand, when a person, talking about happiness, mentions something small, something that might even seem insignificant, it's like people find it even funny. However, I think that that person is intelligent, smart. 

If you spend your whole life knowing happiness as big evens and things that there are in your life, you'll probably spend most of your life unhappy, and angry with everyone and angry with the world. And, you don't want to live unhappy, do you? I personally don't want to live unhappy; life's too beautiful to live unhappy. 

This is, of course, only my opinion and my "deep" thoughts. 

Personally, every time I've tried to find happiness in big, unprobable events and things, it hasn't worked out very well. Nevertheless, every time I've tried to find happiness in little things and events, I've been happier. Maybe those little things seemed like nothing, but, those are things which can be found everyday, even though it's a bad day, and it's a way of feeling good, in a way that's not hard to find. 

You know, just, as a friend of mine told me once: find those little things that make you happy, and never let them go. I'm trying to do that, you should do the same. 

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