Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Most of us try too hard to be perfect. We want to be perfect, no matter what it costs. Why? 

Why do we try to be perfect? That's a really good question. Today, in Religion's class, we were talking about life and that stuff, and I asked the teacher about perfection and how it ends up destroying some of us because we try to be perfect, and since we fail, we feel like our life is not worth living. She told me that the problem is that we have the wrong concept about perfection.

She told me that we don't have to be perfect in everything, no. We don't have to be the best in everything. What we have to do is try our best and do our best, in the things we love. 

If you want to be a painter, cool, but paint the best way you can, don't slow down. The point isn't about what you do in your life, the point is that you have to do the best you can, but you don't have to be the best. Don't compare to others, compare you to yourself. Don't stress yourself if you feel like you don't do things as good as you'd like to, maybe you still haven't found what you're good at, but you'll find it! There's something you're good at, and I'm sure of that. If you compare yourself to others, all you'll get is the feeling of failure, but if you compare yourself to yourself, you'll get progress.

I'm going to give you an example, and I hope it helps you: I'm a writer; an unknown one without an editorial to publish my books. I write because that's what I love doing. I'm 16 and that's what I love doing, my dream is to be able to publish a book one day. I've written some books, and I never compare my books to other writers' books. I compare my books to my other books, that's how I see if I progressed, if the new book is better to the old ones. And that way, you feel better about what you do, and also you become better and that. 

That's only my advice mixed with what my teacher answered to me today in class. But I think you should stop and think about that. 

Keep being amazing, you all are amazing the way you are.

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