Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Is life worth living?

I know that this question is a question which answer will depend of the person who answers. I think I have an answer to that question though. Well, more than thinking, I know that I have an answer to that question. 

The answer to the question "is life worth living?" is yes. Life is worth living. It definitely is. No matter who you are, where you're from, what you've done... your life is worth living. You have been given the chance of living, which is the best thing you can be given. So live. Live your life the best way you can, leave a mark in this world. But don't leave a scar. Leave a mark, a good one.

Nobody can't change the whole world, but you, as an individual, can make a difference. And making a difference isn't in the big things, it is often in the small things. The small things that people think that don't matter. Sometimes it is smiling to a stranger. Being nice with people. Telling the people you love that you love them, what they mean to you. Those seem like little things that don't make any difference at all, but they really do! The same way that little things like small insults, actions, that don't seem to matter can really hurt people. 

So yes, I really think that life is worth it. That doesn't mean I don't havebad days, I do, the same way as you do, but those bad days you should remind yourself how great those good days were. If you think that way, the bad days won't feel that bad. And get the most of those good days, because small things, moments and good days, good moments are what makes life beautiful, worth living. Happiness is found in small happy moments :)

Life is hard for all of us, but it is ALWAYS worth living. It's your choice how you're going to live your life. Make your move count! 

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