Monday, December 8, 2014


People don't usually realize of the true power of words. After all, words are only letters put together to have a meaning. The problem is not only that meaning, it is also the meaning it has to the person you say the word. 

We say words without even thinking of the damage they can cause. We say words without even thinking the good things they can cause. We don't usually think before saying words. And, that's normal, because, if we over thought every single word we said, we would lose our minds. Anyway, sometimes, we should think twice before we speak. Why? Because there are things that should never be said. 

I've heard people say that telling someone to kill themselves isn't a big deal. Well, it depends. It depends of the person you tell that. Do you know what I really cannot understand? I don't understand when, here on the internet, when someone sees someone saying they've tried to kill themselves or they are suicidal, they tell that person to kill themselves. 

Now, you'll think: "but they can be lying". Of course, that's a possibility. There's a lot of people who lie and fake on the internet. But, there's also people who tell the truth. You'll never know if that person is telling the truth or not. Then why telling them to kill themselves? If you don't believe them, it's completely okay, just ignore them. Problem solved. If they want to kill themselves and you tell them to do so, they'll think that it is right to kill themselves. They'll think that it's okay if they do it. They'll think that nobody would miss them, that everyone would be better off without them. And that's not true at all. That's a lie. So, please, don't tell anyone to kill themselves, even if it's joking, because you'll never know who's struggling. 

That was an extreme case, but, any other words can hurt. 

What about good words? They can affect people too, but positively. Those are better ones. I have the belief that we should tell people how much we care about them. Sometimes, when I'm with my friends and tell them all that I really care about them and if they need anything they can always count on me, they get stranged. But, I like to say that. Because, if one day they're feeling horrible, I want them to remember that. Whenever I feel down, I try to remember things like that said to me by certain people, and it helps, so I just try to to the same, in case they ever need it. Words like that can keep someone alive, so I think you should do it. It's only my advice.

Some people also use the anonymity of the internet to insult others. Why not use it to help others, to tell them good things? I personally prefer to use it to try to help people. 

Love you all, stay strong <3

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