Saturday, December 26, 2015

To believe or not to believe.

Belief seems like a topic that's very talked about. I'm not talking in the sense of religious beliefs, no, I'm not talking about that in this post. I mean to say something else, the belief I talk about is more general, just saying. 

Sadly, it looks like disappointing is inside all of us and nobody believes. What a shame, don't you think so? Believing is too beautiful to lose that. 

You hear people talking about many differnt topics and you hear them say how: "I don't believe in this". I don't believe in politics, I don't believe in love, I don't believe in friendship... "I believe in nothing" seems like the slogan for this century briefly, doesn't it? 

I like to believe though. 

And I'll be disappointed because of that sometimes, I'm not denying that. But I'll also be surprised in a positive way. Something as positive as believing can't be that bad, right? It is true that it's necessary to be realistic, you can't delude yourself and believe in things which are impossible to occur, or have very high hopes in very complicated things... but to believe takes us one step closer to be able to. 

Believing that things can change (if you do something about it, obviously), believing that you can get whatever you want to (if you fight for it), believing that things don't have to be as bad as they make us see them...

Believing takes us to progress, to the change of things, to hope. Obviously believing alone won't do anything. However, believing is the first step to take. 

Not believing takes us to disappointing, loss of hope, not fighting... not believing is the first step that makes us to give up. 

I decide to believe, and you? 

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