Tuesday, December 8, 2015


People talk about potential, about talent, all the time. They say that certain people have an innate talent, that they have the potential to do great things. I won't deny that, because it is true that some people are born with the talent to do certain things - however, talent and potential themselves alone will do nothing. 

It is true that, if you want to do a certain thing in life, and you have the talent to do it, it will all be easier. That's true. Nevertheless, why do you want talent if you're not going to take advantage of it? Of course it will be easier for you if you have potential than if you don't, but, who cares? 

What you really need isn't talent, or potential... what you need is determination. That is what you actually need, you need to be determined to do whatever you want to. Attitude is what you need. You need to tell yourself: "I can do this", and fight to get it, you need to do what it takes to make your dreams true. 

Staying still and watching everyone work to get their dreams isn't the answer, it's not what you have to do. You see it's hard? Well, it isn't going to be easy, but you still need to be determined if that's what you want. There's no other way to make your dreams true, to become who you want to become.

Determination will help you find the way, it will help you lead it. If you have talent, take advantage of it and work, work as hard as it takes. Nonetheless, don't think that talent itself will do everything is, because, truth be told - it won't. 

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