Thursday, December 17, 2015


I always talk here from a positive side of things, trying to transmit positive vibes, that's what I want and I hope that it works as I want it to work. However, feelings aren't always positive, and there are many negative feelings that should be talked about. Life itself isn't all rainbows and good things happening, it's all different than that. 

Today, the negative feeling I want to talk about is revenge. 

When someone hurts you really bad, there are many feelings you experience. You might feel guilty, you might feel ashamed, you might feel abandoned... you can also feel the need of getting revenge. It's something that happens usually to the victims of any kind of abuse, or basically anyone who's been hurt by other person. When you've been hurt for so long and the emotional (or physical) damage that's been caused to you has affect you, there have been consequences for you, there are some moments when you want revenge. 

The victim wants the person who's hurt them to know what they've done, you want the person who's hurt you to realize what they've actually done, how they've actually made you feel like, the range of their actions.

I've had those moments when I had been hurt so badly by someone and I did think of getting revenge. I wanted the person who had hurt me to realize what they had done to me, how it had affected me, basically what they'd done. Nevertheless, I never did those things I thought about, I never got revenge. 

I'm not in favor of revenge, I'm not saying it's the solution to anything because it's not. What I really want to say that it's okay to feel that, that you're not a bad person for thinking that you want the person who's hurt you to go through the same they made you go through, it's natural. 

Nonetheless, I don't think that getting revenge will help solve anything. It won't make you feel better, it won't solve your problems, it won't help you get through the emotional effects of whatever they've done to you. Sometimes it might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you remember everything you've gone through or whatever, but I want you to think through this: what will I solve by getting revenge? Will it make things better? 

The answer is, you won't solve anything, you won't make things better by doing that. You've been hurt and it's unfair - but you're so much better than revenge. 

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