Sunday, December 21, 2014

Late night thoughts...

It's late at night, well, at least where I am it is. So I'll count it as night where you are too. Or you can read this when night comes, if you want to. 

I'm writing this because I know how hard night it is. Maybe for you, it isn't, and night is so amazing and you love it. But, maybe for you night is like it is for me. Maybe for you it's the moment of the day when you fall apart. Maybe there's a reason, and maybe there's not and you just fall apart. 

It's okay to fall apart, we all do that sometimes. The problem is not the fact of falling apart. The problem is falling apart alone. I don't know what time is around there, but as late as it is, the worse it is. There's no one there, right? Everyone is sleeping, at least your family is sleeping. Your friends, if they're awake it's because they're doing something. Who's left? It's you... and your thoughts, your memories. There's no one to catch you in your arms, to give you a hug. There's no one to tell you that everything will be okay, even if it's only a lie. There's no one to keep your mind distracted. There's no one there. 

And, that's probably all you need... someone to be there. 

Now, I've got a question for you. Do you think that, in this moment when you're reading this, no one is feeling the same way? Do you think that no one else is going to cry themselves to sleep tonight? Do you think that no one else feels alone tonight? Do you think that no one else wants someone to be there for them? Do you think that no one else needs someone to care about them? Do you think that... you're alone? 

Do you know one of the worst parts of feeling alone? It is that you feel like you're really alone and that you'll be alone forever. But, hey, why should that be true? In this moment, that person who's feeling alone the same way as you, is hiding the same way as you. That means that maybe one day, you'll meet a person like you. A person who has to go through nights like yours, and you both might get through them together. 

Meanwhile you find someone like you, get through this night, and the rest to come. I know that you can get through this and more. It's time for you to believe that.

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