Monday, November 24, 2014

Don't miss it.

Don’t miss your chance. You’re here, alive. 

You, reading this, what are you waiting for? You have dreams, don’t you? I bet there’s something you want to do with your life, your future (I mean something good). Maybe you want to become a musician, an actor, a writer, a youtuber, a doctor, or whatever you want to be. But I bet that reading that, you've thought about something you want to do. And, imagining that becoming true feels good, doesn't it? Imagining something won't make it true though.

Why don’t you do it? Why don't you start working on that, or keep working on that if you already started? Why don’t you fight for your dreams? You might think your dreams are impossible, but they are not. The only thing that can stop you from them is yourself. If you want to make your dreams true, go fight for them! 

Don’t let anyone put you down, don’t let anyone tell you you can’t, and if they do, prove them wrong. I believe in you, even though I don’t even know who you are. I believe you’re capable to make your dreams. And you should too.

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