Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bad days.

We all have bad days. Some people have more bad days, and other people have less bad days. But, after all, everyone has bad days. 

Some people are lucky and have bad days maybe once a week, or just not very often. Maybe they do have bad days often but they have no troubles when it comes to face bad days. 

But, what happens when you have a bad day over and over? It really feels like every single day is a bad one. It feels like you can't spend a single day being completely happy. It feels like you can't have a single good day. And that's something exhausting. You feel tired of feeling bad over and over. You feel like you'll never have a good day again. 

Sometimes, you come to a point when all you want to do is to give up. You ask yourself: "what's it all worth?". You don't know what else to do. Everything feels like falling apart. Nothing's right. Everything's wrong. You tell yourself you're ready to give up. 

But, even when everything's like that, it's not the end. Why? Because, there'll be a day when everything will shine again. You'll have those good days you'd been waiting for. You'll realize that this fight had always been worth it. You'll realize how much you'll appreciate the good things in life. You'll realize that you learned something, and that you became stronger. 

Stop focusing in the bad things in life. Focus on the good things, and everything will feel different. Stay strong, keep fighting. And, no matter what, never give up. All of this is worth it.

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