Saturday, January 31, 2015

To all the self harmers out there...

This post goes to all the self harmers there, to all of you. No matter if you do it once in a long while, or if you do it every day; if you've recently started to do it, or if you've been doing it for years; if you do it a lot of times, or if you do it a few times; this is for ALL of you, there's no exception. If you self harm in any way, stay here with me for a moment. 

What I want to say first, is that I'm not going to just come and say "don't do it". It's easy to say that, it's very easy to say it. But, it won't help you, and none of us will get anything with only those three words. So, I'll say the same thing but in a different way. 

I don't know exactly wht you, the one reading this now, self harm. I don't know anything about you, about your life, or about what kind of situation leaded you to self harm. I don't know your age, your gender, your nationality, or anything else. There's nothing I know about you. But, still I have some things I can say to you. 

If you're self harming, that means you're suffering, a lot. So, that's something I know about you. I know that  you're suffering a lot, you're going through a lot. I also know that (probably) you're going  through whatever you're going through alone. You probably keep everything to yourself, and that might be one of the reasons for your self harm. 

As I know about self harm, I know that a few words can't help much. But, I really want you to know that, no matter who you are, no matter anything, you don't deserve that. You don't deserve that shit, and you're better than that. I know it seems like it helps you, but it really doesn't help you at all. There's nothing good you get from that, although it seems like you do. Truth is: self harming only makes everything worse. 

Please, if you're thinking of harming yourself, please try to distract yourself. There are lots of things you can do instead of that. You can read, you can write down your feelings, you can draw, you can watch videos, you can chat with someone, you can phone someone, you can take a nap, you can take a bath, you can do some sport... you can do anything which is not harmful. It's much better, I promise. 

And, if you've tried and none of those things seem to work, you can talk to me. I'm not the best adviser, but I can listen. I won't judge you, and I promise to try my best to help you :) You don't have to go through this alone, there are lots of people willing to help you. Stay strong <3

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