Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's all for attention, right?

Suicide, eating disorders, self-harm, depression, pain, sadness... it's all for attention, right? 

They wait until everyone's sleeping to fall apart and cry themselves to sleep, for nights... for attention, right? 

They skip meals and throw up intentionally because they hate their body, and feel like the only thing they can do to change it is that... for attention, right?

They take a blade to their own body, they harm themselves in purpose, because of all the pain they're suffering, because how bad they feel, and then hide it from everyone... for attention, right?

They hate what they see when they look in the mirror, and can't help but cry because they wish they were someone else... for attention, right? 

They feel like crying all day, feel like shit for no reason, but still fake a smile and pretend everything's okay, when nothing is... for attention, right? 

They wake up wanting to die, the same way they went to sleep, wanting to die, just wishing the pain would end... for attention, right? 

They hide all their pain from people, they hide the way they're feeling, because they think they don't deserve any help, although they do want help, not to bother people... for attention, right? 

They're actually feeling depressed, but hide it... for attention, right? 

They attempt to end their own life, or even take their own life, because they can't handle life anymore... 

Still you say it's all for attention? 
Maybe, you're wrong. 
Sincerely, someone suffering in silence.

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