Monday, August 29, 2016

Vacations are (almost) over.

Today it's the 29th August (at least where I live), which means that really soon a lot of you might start high school, university back. You might be a fan of that idea or you might not be.

Whichever your case, whatever your situation, there's something clear - we gotta make the most of this, right?

Highschool puts a lot of pressure upon your shoulders, that's a fact.

Sometimes you might feel like you don't feet it. Sometimes you might feel like you can't do anything right, and that it's so difficult to pass/get good grades. Sometimes everything might be a little overwhelming.

Don't worry, don't panic.

Do you know which is the key not to break down? Knowing what to do when things get harder, knowing who to turn to.

Whether it's your family, your friends, maybe some teacher you trust, the school counselor... when things at school get more difficult (this doesn't necessary need to happen, but if it does) you have to get some support, some help.

The key is to know who to turn to in case you need it - and ask them for help if you need it.

Good luck, you'll do great!

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