Saturday, July 23, 2016


Sometimes, we do things without thinking about the possible consequences first, we do things without asking ourselves whether we're going to regret them later, we do things thinking they'll be the best thing to do...

After that, we regret them.

We feel lost, we lose our path, we start to blame ourselves for the mistakes we've made. We freak out, we might even hate ourselves for what we've done, we wonder why we can't do things the right way instead of screwing it all up.

Regretting all that all the time won't help you. We all have done things we regret, things we wish we could go back and make differently - we can't do that though.

So, why worry? Why over-think it? Wouldn't it better to go on with no regrets? Wouldn't it be better to just take your life back?

We'll learn from those mistakes, but we'll learn, only that. You can't let yourself spend all your time regretting what you've done.

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