Monday, February 23, 2015

Teaching respect.

When it comes to teaching respect, a mistake is always made. We're always taught to respect others, and I don't have any complain to that. Because, respecting others is really importand and necessary. Everyone should respect others, there's no doubt about that. 

However, there's always something missing. It is spent so much time teaching to respect other people, but we all forget that there's something important that everyone forgets too: self respect. 

Out there, there's a lot of people who respect everyone around them... but themselves. There are many people who always respect people around them, but when it comes to themselves, they don't. Nobody taught them to respect themselves. For that reason, sometimes they forget to respect themselves. Truth be told, respecting one-self is as importand as respecting others. Sometimes, in life, certain things happen and they let us down, they make us hate ourselves, or just don't feel good with who we are. That is not a reason to lose respect in yourself. No reason is good enough to lose respect in yourself. 

When you lose respect in yourself, it's when you start not to care about what happens to you. You cannot let that happen, okay? You can never let that happen. And if you've let that happen, try to stop it, because you do deserve to respect yourself. I can assure you that. 

If nobody has ever taught you to respect yourself, I'm here to tell you that before you respect anyone else, you remember to respect yourself. You have to respect others, but you have to respect yourself too. Don't forget that. 

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