Friday, February 12, 2016

Eating disorders.

Did you skip any meal today? Did you make yourself throw up today? If you did, or if you want to do it or basically do it whatever frequency, please, stay with me for a while. 

It won't take long, I promise.

I don't know you, and you probably don't know me either, so it's the same for the both of us. For this reason, I don't know what's going on in your mind, your thoughts, your life and so on. I'm not going to talk to you about what I don't know. 

Do you tell yourself "only until I reach x (x being a number of weight), then I'll stop"? I want to tell you something - that doesn't work. You think that you'll be happy with your own image when you reach a certain weight, so you do unhealthy things to reach that, thinking that it's the way to see yourself in the mirror and think "I like it", or maybe because you think that that way you'll be thin enough. That way you end up living in a vicious circle, because when you reach the weight you wanted to, you'll want to lose more weight. 

I can't tell you to just stop and eat the meals you should, talk is cheap, but the reality is different. It's not that easy, I know. That doesn't mean that you can't do it - you can do it. 

First of all, you need to realize that there's nothing wrong with your body, and, if you want to lose weight for whatever reason, let's set the record straight - do it healthily. What does that mean? Eat, you need to eat. You should eat five meals a day without eating less and skipping any of them, because they can be healthy, which is actually better for your health. You can do some sport (regularly but not as an obsession, no extremes). 

Very important: your body isn't the problem, so, causing it that damage will not make anything better. Also, it can cause you many health problems in the future, or very soon. 

You don't have to do to your body what you're doing. You don't deserve it, nor does it. You don't deserve to go to bed feeling hungry because you barely ate dinner, or you skipped it. You don't deserve to go through all this. You deserve to love yourself and live a healthy life. 

However, as I said, talk is cheap. It's easy to tell you just not to do it, but you still feel guilty whenever you eat, and you still hate what you see when you look into the mirror. I cannot change that, and believe me, I wish I could. Nevertheless, I can give you some advice, hoping it can help.

- Be aware that society standards don't need to be followed by you, you don't have to be as the people you see in magazines or TV. Actually, usually being that way is unhealthy.

- Try to find parts of your body that you love and embrace them! Step by step try loving more and more parts of your body, even though it's hard, try to find parts you love.

- Reach out. I'd point this as the most important thing. If you can seek professional help, I recommend you doing that, it's a real help and there's nothing wrong about that. Nonetheless, whether you can't, you can search for help other way. If you have someone close to you who you can trust, you can open up to them and share your feelings with them. It can't help as much as a therapist of course, but it's something. Also you can search for self-help books or pages, they're an useful resource of help. 

Besides all that, I always say this but I don't mind repeating myself. I'm also here to listen if you need it. You can contact me on, here on blogger, and in most social networks by just searching: "bandskeepalive". 

Have a good night guys, love y'all! <3

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