Sunday, April 19, 2015

Life's not perfect.

Life is not perfect. 

People tend to "paint" life as if it was perfect. It's like they want us to believe that life's all just butterflies and rainbows and everything's so perfect and we must love life no matter what, and so on. 

I think that the perception of life as perfect only makes things worse. 

"If life's perfect, then I'm just overreacting about my problems"

"If life's so beautiful, why am I feeling so bad? Am I just stupid?"

The perception of life as perfect can lead to thoughts like those one I wrote below. Is that even good? It's not, right? Life's not perfect. Life has its ups and downs, its pain, its sorrow, its bad moments and good ones. Who hasn't ever thought "life sucks"? I think that no one. I believe that we all kinda hate life itself sometimes. You don't have to feel like you're a bad person for thinking that, you don't have to feel bad for thinking that. 

Life does suck sometimes. 

But, that's life. And there's not a thing we can do to change that. That's what life's like, nevertheless, that's not bad at all. Maybe what we have to do is look at life with a different perspective. 

There will be days when you don't want to get out of bed, days when you'll feel completely hopeless, lost... but you'll get through those days. The person in order to do that is you. No one else - you. 

No one will do it for you, but it's worth it. Even though life can be very bad and unfair sometimes, it's worth living. Live like there's no tomorrow, but being ready for that tomorrow that could not come. And, pain is not that bad after all, remember that. It's okay to feel pain - we're human, we feel. 

Have a sweet night, guys <3

Friday, April 3, 2015


Hey guys!

Today I'm writing because I'm angry at the world. I'm angry at it completely, everyone included. I'm also including myself. Why am I angry at the world? 

Because we don't realize it when we're doing something wrong, and we just do it over and over. We make the same mistakes until it's too late to fix them. We all do. Other people make the same mistakes over and over, you make the same mistakes over and over, and I make the same mistakes over and over. Do we ever learn? It doesn't seem like it. 

I've decided to talk here about a certain kind of mistake, one which costs too many lives every year, every month, every week, and every day. 


Yes, bullying. I bet that you've heart about it. I bet that you whether have been a victim of it, have witnessed it, or have been the bully. Am I right or wrong? I kind of feel like I'm right. 

Most people who witness bullying do nothing about it. Completely nothing. Is it right? Definitely not. 

"It's typical of kids", "it's no big deal", "come on, you're just over-reacting", "just ignore them"

Those are the typical things people say when someone complains about being bullied or someone being bullied. Do you really think that saying such things will fix the problem? 

Kids and teenagers are afraid of being who they want to be. They're afraid of loving who they want to love. They're afraid of sharing with the world their own thoughts.  They're afraid of being themselves. They're suffering from the pressure of being someone they don't want to be, of pretending to be what they're not. 

They're not expressing themselves because they're afraid of being rejected or bullying! 

We're all humans, we have the right of being who we want to be, doing what we want to do, loving who we want to love, being with who we want to be. Who has the right to take that away from us? Nobody. 

The truth is that bullying happens every day, everywhere. This needs to stop. We can't carry on like this. A change needs to be made. 

Kids and teenagers are getting depressed, they're self harming, they're being physically and verbally abused... lots of them end up killing themselves. Do you really think bullying isn't a serious problem? The consequences it may have are terrible, do you really think we don't have to do something about it?

Too many lives have been already lost. Too many people suffering and hurting. How much will it take for people to realize bullying needs to stop? 

I just wish that people realize it before it's too late. 

If you're a victim of bullying, stay strong, hold on. There are lots of people here for you, me included! If you're witnessing bullying, don't stand still, speak up, do something! If you're being a bully, don't you think it's time to be sympathetic and stop it? 

I hope y'all have a nice weekend, love y'all <3